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had a slight inconvenience with a…
Date of experience:18-07-2022
could of been better
Date of experience:07-05-2022
accidently ordered the wrong size bed
Date of experience:29-03-2022
so i've had my novilla vitality king…
Date of experience:23-05-2023
the novilla hybrid mattress is a great…
Date of experience:10-12-2023
i bought two mattresses from novella
Date of experience:09-08-2023
i ordered a 12 inch queen
Date of experience:28-07-2023
vitality 12-in mattress
Date of experience:17-06-2023
overall great experience!
Date of experience:20-02-2022
very good bed
Date of experience:20-09-2023
i bought there matress through their…
Date of experience:26-06-2023
i had an awesome experience with…
Date of experience:04-07-2023
ordered a mattress and 4 king pillows
Date of experience:03-07-2023
novilla pillows are the best pillows!
Date of experience:06-07-2023
best customer service ever!!
Date of experience:01-07-2023
we love our mattress!
Date of experience:01-09-2023
i have terrible back pains
Date of experience:26-06-2023
i was sent the wrong item
Date of experience:22-12-2023
very nice customer service
Date of experience:07-11-2022
when i ordered my mattress i was not…
Date of experience:21-06-2023

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228 Park Ave S 7952510003New YorkUnited States

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