Getting your reviews on platform is a simple process, so long as you have had an interaction with a business, you are able to write a review about them.

Create an account with a valid email address; be sure there is no conflict of interest in the business you are reviewing.

Reviews can be in text or video format.

All reviews about a business are displayed on their profile page. Consumers have the opportunity to read about any company they are interested in, find relevant information and most importantly write a review about them.

Reviews on can be activated in 2 ways:

The Customer

If you have had a real experience with a business, you can create a account, write and publish a review. Reviews can be in written text or you can make a video narrating your experience. Keep in mind that reviews go through a vetting process; this is to ensure that only real users with experience can write a review.

The Company

A company with a verified account with can invite customers that have done business with them to leave reviews. These reviews must not be incentivized in any way, reviews that were incentivized either through cash, discounts, credit offers or any other we deem as inappropriate will be removed from the platform.

How we fight fake reviews

Our policy is and always has been that we will never tolerate any business abusing our system through collection or publishing of fake reviews.  We have robust systems in place to identify and combat fake reviews. Our systems automatically detect suspicious reviews and remove them.

Sadly, from time to time we do identify businesses that try to abuse our system. Our policy is always to terminate our business arrangement with those companies and remove any fraudulent reviews.

If you have any concerns about the validity of any review visible on, reach out to our enforcement team and we will conduct a full and impartial investigation.