Your brand reviews

We are a strategic partner for your business, whether you are getting started with user generated content or expanding your reviews generation strategy, we are here to be a true strategic partner for your business. Your brand reviews powered by, means smarter experience for your customers – and business growth for you.

Turn your reviews into social proof

Whether it's your product being used or a great brand experience, we let your customers attach photos and video straight from their device as they write their reviews.

Genuine customer reviews make powerful content for your social media strategy.


Reputation Manager.

57% of brands see online reputation management as more important to revenue than paid ads. Take control of yours with our Reputation Management feature.

Unique to, it gives you the controls to monitor and influence feedback across multiple review sites.


A constant reputation is your competitive edge.

It’s not just about the big-name review sites. Brand perception matters at every level, and building a solid reputation on smaller platforms gives you a major advantage.
Make a strong impression on those customers searching local and industry-specific sites and leverage every possible business opportunity.


Collect videos from your happy customers automatically.

Video reviews are little snippets of your products in the real world, and they really do drive sales. 
In fact, having customer video reviews on your website - and including them in paid marketing - has proven to increase conversions by 20%.


Video is the most trusted media.

When surveyed, 76% of consumers said they trust content shared by real customers more than product descriptions. 
Video builds on that trust by making the people and products in a review visibly real. And more trust means more sales.