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Turfmatic.info has 4.3 star rating based on 71 customer reviews. Customers who have done business with them rate their services as Great.

90% of customers say they would likely recommend turfmatic.info to others.

Based on their positive experience, they strongly recommend and encourage others to do business with turfmatic.info

However, 10% of customers warn others about turfmatic.info they advise potential customers, friends, family and colleagues to be extra careful when doing business with turfmatic.info

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the machine worked for 5 minutes and…
Date of experience:24-07-2023
the turfmatic sweeper works really…
Date of experience:22-05-2023
amazed and happy
Date of experience:22-05-2023
overpriced but worth it
Date of experience:29-05-2023
lack of communication regarding shipping
Date of experience:07-12-2023
amazing product
Date of experience:31-05-2023
i've been trying to contact someone at…
Date of experience:18-12-2023
awesome turf sweeper
Date of experience:30-01-2023
order arrived quickly
Date of experience:30-05-2023
the whole experience was great
Date of experience:02-08-2023
i am hoping that the shipping issue is…
Date of experience:10-08-2023
this is a must have if you have…
Date of experience:16-11-2023
the company followed up with us when…
Date of experience:12-04-2023
great job easy to do.
Date of experience:31-07-2023
this works so well for our pine straw…
Date of experience:20-02-2023
first time needing a turf broom
Date of experience:24-05-2023
shipment went out fedex
Date of experience:13-07-2023
this product worked way better that…
Date of experience:14-08-2023
good product, but needs some improvements.
Date of experience:18-07-2023

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+1 (302) 313-6645
1007 N Orange Street, 4th Floor19801WilmingtonUnited States

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