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arrived next day
Date of experience:02-04-2023
always excellent service.
Date of experience:04-03-2024
we always have a next day delivery
Date of experience:18-11-2022
what an efficient and well run supplier…
Date of experience:26-06-2023
products are good but
Date of experience:08-07-2023
my go to supplier
Date of experience:29-01-2023
strukta have been awesome
Date of experience:07-07-2023
on time polite driver
Date of experience:23-02-2024
great service
Date of experience:27-07-2023
never have an issue with this company
Date of experience:30-03-2022
wrong product
Date of experience:06-06-2023
concrete paddles
Date of experience:26-11-2023
easy from start to finish
Date of experience:26-01-2023
total confidence in strukta
Date of experience:02-09-2023
top dog ben andover
Date of experience:06-07-2023
right from placing the order to…
Date of experience:02-09-2023
fast delivery and good customer service…
Date of experience:05-12-2022
been trading with strukta since day one…
Date of experience:16-07-2022
amazing service from the team in the…
Date of experience:20-10-2023

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Walworth Road 36SP10 5LHAndoverUnited Kingdom

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