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85% of customers say they would likely recommend to others.

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However, 10% of customers warn others about they advise potential customers, friends, family and colleagues to be extra careful when doing business with

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very good click page
Date of experience:25-07-2022
accounts banned without reason or warning
Date of experience:07-03-2023
bad and fraudulent site.
Date of experience:16-09-2023
they r just disgusting
Date of experience:05-09-2023
another payment received
Date of experience:15-08-2022
online since 2009 , always paying!
Date of experience:26-06-2022
very trusted site
Date of experience:27-05-2022
scarlet-clicks, trusted
Date of experience:12-08-2023
whis site doesn't pay
Date of experience:28-08-2023
biggest scam mera 2$ west ho gaya galti…
Date of experience:18-12-2023
best ptc site
Date of experience:28-05-2022
paying for more than 13 years
Date of experience:27-05-2022
scarlet clicks is one of the best…
Date of experience:29-05-2022
very happy with scarlet-clicks
Date of experience:26-05-2022
scarlet -clicks
Date of experience:11-02-2023
the best ptc site for sure
Date of experience:22-09-2022
the administrator of scarlet.clicks…
Date of experience:25-09-2023
scam .....i invest 20$ for direct ref…
Date of experience:30-04-2022
legit site promise this site payed me…
Date of experience:24-01-2022
start clicks best profit giving website.
Date of experience:17-08-2022

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