Reviews has 2.9 star rating based on 86 customer reviews. Customers who have done business with them rate their services as Poor.

60% of customers say they would likely recommend to others.

Based on their positive experience, they strongly recommend and encourage others to do business with

However, 40% of customers warn others about they advise potential customers, friends, family and colleagues to be extra careful when doing business with

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oredering over their website was…
Date of experience:08-09-2023
i recently purchased the kenwood…
Date of experience:01-11-2023
the retail market's kitchen department…
Date of experience:15-10-2023
i ordered a product and paid extra for…
Date of experience:30-11-2023
the whole experiance was great!
Date of experience:10-09-2023
when my order was delayed indefinitely
Date of experience:01-11-2023
as a satisfied asolf customer
Date of experience:04-11-2023
fraud - do not order from this company
Date of experience:22-12-2023
order not shipped - no response to inquiry.
Date of experience:20-11-2023
if i could give less than a single star…
Date of experience:13-11-2023
the company cancelled my order 3 times
Date of experience:17-10-2023
i wrote to the company and asked a…
Date of experience:01-10-2023
i was very happy with the end result
Date of experience:29-10-2023
this company came in by mistake
Date of experience:08-12-2023
never received order
Date of experience:21-11-2023
never received order
Date of experience:02-11-2023
another negative review on the pile
Date of experience:03-12-2023
the company has great customer service!
Date of experience:07-11-2023

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16192 Coastal Hwy19958LewesUnited States

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