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i found the website very easy to use…
Date of experience:19-01-2024
very prompt delivery
Date of experience:28-08-2023
very responsive to my request
Date of experience:05-10-2023
not an easy kit to assemble
Date of experience:05-11-2023
brilliant kit and service
Date of experience:26-11-2023
you're models are fabulous but…
Date of experience:30-08-2023
victorian engine shed- glass roof
Date of experience:27-06-2023
unique quality product.
Date of experience:28-01-2024
n gauge kits ordered and arrived very…
Date of experience:05-01-2024
incomplete item, no prompt redress.
Date of experience:22-07-2023
the kits are excellent
Date of experience:01-10-2023
tt120 industrial building
Date of experience:01-08-2023
kit not delivered, no reply to email
Date of experience:23-08-2023
Date of experience:25-08-2023
the order i placed was packed…
Date of experience:16-08-2023
great selection of items of interest to…
Date of experience:04-12-2023
excellent service every time i use…
Date of experience:22-09-2023
very quick delivery and a quality item
Date of experience:08-12-2023
i received a kind letter.
Date of experience:27-12-2023
looks like a great bridge in the…
Date of experience:03-08-2023

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