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Godlys.gg has 2.6 star rating based on 98 customer reviews. Customers who have done business with them rate their services as Poor.

60% of customers say they would likely recommend godlys.gg to others.

Based on their positive experience, they strongly recommend and encourage others to do business with godlys.gg

However, 40% of customers warn others about godlys.gg they advise potential customers, friends, family and colleagues to be extra careful when doing business with godlys.gg

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scam or not?
Date of experience:04-06-2023
i feel scammed
Date of experience:27-10-2023
legit as hell
Date of experience:04-04-2023
horrible experience
Date of experience:05-01-2024
why does it take so long
Date of experience:02-02-2024
it has been 3 days since i even got a…
Date of experience:04-09-2023
i’m still not getting my order i’m…
Date of experience:11-11-2023
this is crazy!!!
Date of experience:29-04-2023
Date of experience:21-04-2023
no bots avebiable!!!
Date of experience:26-10-2023
it is cheap but it keeps saying the…
Date of experience:27-08-2023
didnt get item
Date of experience:13-02-2024
i didnt get my order.
Date of experience:05-01-2024
Date of experience:09-12-2023
everything went fine until it cane up…
Date of experience:27-08-2023
its positive
Date of experience:26-04-2023
scam maybe???
Date of experience:28-04-2023
fake site never got the stuff
Date of experience:12-11-2023
godlysgg review
Date of experience:05-05-2023

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