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Excellent plataform
Date of experience:11-09-2023
The process of actually getting the…
Date of experience:10-09-2023
Avoid at all cost!!!!!
Date of experience:23-08-2023
They have great communication
Date of experience:04-09-2023
The worst experience in my life!
Date of experience:30-07-2023
Was sold tickets for the wrong city
Date of experience:29-08-2023
My $1300 tickets were resold !!
Date of experience:19-08-2023
Terrible experience
Date of experience:24-08-2023
Purchasing tickets was easy
Date of experience:24-08-2023
Smooth Transfer
Date of experience:19-08-2023
Never received tickets
Date of experience:18-08-2023
Bought tickets for a game
Date of experience:18-08-2023
Bianca saved the day
Date of experience:15-08-2023
I never got my tickets
Date of experience:17-08-2023
Burnt Twice Waiting for Tickets
Date of experience:14-08-2023
I don’t like that my ticket wasn’t…
Date of experience:13-08-2023
I was ordering concert tickets
Date of experience:11-08-2023
It was all about the excellent customer…
Date of experience:14-08-2023
Platforms like this are ruining the…
Date of experience:09-08-2023
Easy to purchase
Date of experience:09-08-2023

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