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post purchase service
Date of experience:10-02-2024
great expirience!
Date of experience:16-09-2022
great spotlght
Date of experience:22-12-2023
very happy with the purchase
Date of experience:14-12-2023
creative cables has a solution for…
Date of experience:04-06-2023
never ever i have received a faster…
Date of experience:03-03-2023
very quick with answers and information.
Date of experience:06-01-2024
love the idea to create your own lamp…
Date of experience:13-05-2023
great products
Date of experience:03-08-2023
perfect products
Date of experience:07-02-2022
great stuff
Date of experience:03-12-2023
good service
Date of experience:27-11-2023
paying via paypal has a high fee…
Date of experience:10-04-2022
the delivery was fast
Date of experience:28-01-2023
great experience and thank you for this
Date of experience:03-08-2023
quick delivery and product as described!
Date of experience:21-11-2022
great croatian design!
Date of experience:10-07-2022
i made my order at 17.12.2020
Date of experience:01-01-2023
good quality product
Date of experience:17-11-2023
everything was great
Date of experience:18-09-2023

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