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billing scam
Date of experience:29-12-2023
saw a nuero
Date of experience:08-11-2023
the patient experience dept
Date of experience:12-10-2023
baptist made an error on the transfer…
Date of experience:05-10-2023
i was told by friends not to apply…
Date of experience:25-09-2023
had breast cancer back in 2019
Date of experience:07-11-2022
overcharging and misleading patients
Date of experience:29-12-2022
literally the worst hospital system i…
Date of experience:06-05-2023
had an appointment for an mri at 8750…
Date of experience:13-05-2023
had to take my 79 years old mom for a…
Date of experience:20-06-2023
had previous really neglectful…
Date of experience:02-11-2023
convenient care
Date of experience:24-04-2023
quick and convenient service!!
Date of experience:18-04-2023
billing issue
Date of experience:12-04-2023
dr. dan homer
Date of experience:23-02-2022
great program!!!
Date of experience:24-04-2023

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